Theatre induction griddle

Posted on 18th December 2018 Rexmartins has launched an innovative induction-powered griddle with built-in fume filtration. The new product is designed for front-of-house "theatre style" operation.

Theatre induction griddle

An innovative induction-powered griddle with built in fume filtration is the latest product to be launched by rexmartins Limited. The energy-efficient griddle incorporates a highly efficient electrostatic fume purification system which allows the unit to be sited practically anywhere including front of house locations.


At the heart of the griddle is a powerful (10kW) induction generator which creates intense central heat, for fast searing, and lower outer plate temperatures for gentler cooking and holding. Up to four temperature settings can be programmed for quick recall.


The built-in fume filtration system incorporates a 2kW fan which draws cooking fumes and grease particles through a multi-stage filtration process which incorporates a combination of ionisation technology, a 1.6kW electrostatic filtration bank and HEPA filters. The hard chrome surface is both attractive and able to withstand the rigours of theatre-style food preparation and cooking, such as teppanyaki.


Nick McDonald, Commercial Director at rexmartins Limited commented: “Our new theatre griddle is an extension to our already extensive range of induction appliances. The combination of induction heating with ionisation and electrostatic fume filtration delivers high energy-efficiency and eliminates virtually all cooking smoke and odours. It’s ideal for locations where separate extraction systems would be impractical or unaffordable.”

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